Technical Solutions

Compared with silicon-based devices, carbon-based devices have the advantages of flexibility, large area, low cost, and solution preparation. Their unique advantages are destined to play a huge role in the era of the Internet of Things. Relying on multiple printing technologies, Mifang has realized low-cost and rapid printing of carbon-based microelectronic information systems, including more than 30 kinds of flexible devices such as electronic components, integrated circuits, light-emitting and display devices, solar cells, supercapacitors and sensors. The flexible electronic service platform can customize and develop various flexible electronic devices according to your specific needs.

The flexible electronic service platform engineer team is composed of masters and doctors who have graduated from well-known universities. They have a strong technical background and rich R&D experience. Moreover, the platform has been kept firmly cooperation with scientific research institutions and got lots of achievements. This platform provides convenient and accurate services for the difficulties you encounter in scientific research, including project design, device preparation, ink development, etc. The flexible electronic service platform is equipped with self-developed automatic microelectronic printer, which can realize one-click printing of various flexible electronic devices, greatly improving the efficiency of scientific research.

Print ink is considered as the foundation and core of fully-printed electronic technology, which can be used to prepare sensors, chips, energy and other electronic devices. The quality of ink not only directly determines the final performance of the device, but also has an important impact on the production process. Generally, print ink is carefully compounded of active materials (i.e. organic, inorganic, metal, nonmetal, oxide and other main materials), solvent and a variety of functional additives. After four years of dedicated research and development, Mifang has successfully developed seven categories of nearly 100 kinds of functional print ink with independent intellectual property rights. Therefore, the platform has rich experience and profound technology in ink development and optimization. If you have any demands for ink preparation or formulation optimization, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Flexible electronic service platform, as an intermediate bridge between scientific research and market in the field of printed electronics, is committed to the rapid transformation of scientific research results, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional products. The platform pledges to you the service to quickly market your research achievements (new devices, special ink) quickly, or add new functions for your products, expand new application areas!

The flexible electronic service platform provides customers with one-stop technical support services such as design, research and development, and testing, including application design of Internet of things products, preparation of flexible electronic devices, and research and development of functional ink. The platform is equipped with a professional technical team in the field of printed electronics, consisting of material engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers and mechanical engineers. The platform can rapid build a technical support team to offer you a full-range of service on the demands of optimizing the manufacturing process, reducing the cost and shortening the cycle.

The flexible electronic service platform renders professional development services, which assist customers in optimizing resource allocation and reducing R&D cost to enhance technical strength, as well as meet your demands on new product development and traditional process upgrading. Moreover, during the development process, professional business teams will be organized to participate in the project research and progress monitoring to ensure the quality of development work.

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