Flexible Printed Devices

Fully-Printed Flexible Organic Photovolatics

The platform provides a system solution for the preparation of organic photovolatics (OPV), including the OPV fabrication process and the ink used. OPV can be prepared on a variety of flexible substrates by using full-printing process, avoiding the utilization of expensive equipment such as vacuum evaporation apparatus, which can greatly improve material utilization, reduce preparation costs, and shorten production cycles.

  • All-Printed Organic Photovoltaics
  • All-Printed Organic Photovoltaic Modules
  • Organic Photovoltaic Watch
  • Organic Photovoltaic Phone Shell

Fully-Printed Supercapacitor

The platform offers a system solution for the fabrication of fully-printed flexible supercapacitors, like making parallel- or sandwich- structured supercapacitors on a variety of material substrates. These supercapacitors with excellent flexibility and high capacity density can be widely used in flexible screens, wearable devices and flexible power supply devices.

  • Light A Small Bulb
  • Parallel-Structured Supercapacitor
  • Sandwich-Structured Supercapacitor
  • Flexible Supercapacitor vs. Rigid Supercapacitor

Electronic Components

The platform provides systems solutions for the preparation of various electronic components, including conductor, semiconductor and insulator inks, and the corresponding process technology. Combined with these inks and processes, many electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors and memristors can be fabricated on a variety of flexible substrates, and can be directly integrated into the circuit, with the advantages of thinness, low cost and high bendability.

  • All-Printed Inductor
  • All-Printed Capacitor
  • All-Printed Resistor
  • All-Printed OFET Arrays

Fully-Printed Flexible Logic Circuits

The platform offers system solutions for flexible logic gates and logic circuits, including related processes and required inks. By means of inkjet printing, various logic gates and logic circuits such as AND gate, OR gate, NOT gate and ring oscillator are prepared on the flexible substrate. Those as-printed flexible and thin circuits can be used to create wearable devices with great wearing experience.

  • All-Printed NOR Gate
  • All-Printed Ring Oscillator
  • All-Printed NOR Gate
  • All-Printed OR Gate
  • All-Printed NAND Gate
  • All-Printed AND Gate
Logic Circuits

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

The platform launches printed circuit board (PCB) system solutions, including the corresponding process and required ink. Using Mifang’s self-designed software, the PCB drawing can be directly converted into a printable drawing format. By inkjet printing, a single-layer or multi-layer PCB can be directly prepared on a flexible substrate. It avoids that complicated processes such as photolithography, development and plate opening in the traditional PCB manufacturing process, which greatly reduce the production cost and shorten the production cycle.

All-Printed Flexible PCB
  • Printed Circuits
  • Double-Layer PCB

Electroluminescent (EL)

The platform provides the customized patterned electroluminescent (EL) devices and technical solutions related services and products. The combination of a variety of printing processes and self-developed inks, endows the tailored EL devices and products with high brightness, strong stability, long-working life and other characteristics.

  • Colorful Light-Emitting Rose
  • Handwritten Light-Emitting Paige
  • Flexible Light-Emitting Bracelet
  • Flexible Light-Emitting Display
  • All-Printed Digital Display Screen
  • Intelligent Light-Emitting Label
Wearable and Writable Light-Emitting Screen

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED)

The platform can provide a solution for the preparation of OLED devices by full-solution method. By using Mifang’s self-developed inks and printing process, OLED devices can be customized prepared without the need for evaporation equipment and mask. Moreover, these devices have low driving voltage, high brightness and uniform light emission, etc. and can be applied to large-area flexible displays.

  • OLED Logo
  • OLED Display
  • OLED Pixel-Tiles
  • Tutorial for Making an OLED Device

/ Thermochromism
/ Photochromism

The platform can offer a range of fully printed flexible electrochromic, thermochromic, and photochromic devices, as well as corresponding chromic inks and processes. Among of them, electrochromic devices have the characteristics of low driving voltage, rapid color change and excellent reversibility, which can be widely used in flexible display, intelligent home and other fields. Thermochromic devices can realize reversible or irreversible changes in a variety of colors, and have the characteristics of indicating accurate temperature and rapid response.

  • Pixelated Electrochromics
  • Digital Display
  • Electrochromic Displays
  • Electrochromic Pattern‘幂方’
  • Thermochromism
  • Photochromism

Flexible Sensors

The platform provides a range of fully printed flexible sensors with different functions, as well as corresponding ink and printing processes. The utilization of full-printing technology can avoid the sophisticated technological process such as photolithography. And the fabricated devices have the characteristics of remarkable small size, high sensitivity, stable performance and low cost. It can integrate and prepare electronic products with specific functions, which can be widely used in the IoT, wearable devices, intelligent robots and other emerging fields.

  • All-Printed NO₂ Sensors
  • All-Printed Visible Light Sensors
  • All-Printed Humidity Sensors
  • All-Printed Temperature Sensors
  • All-Printed Pressure Sensors
  • All-Printed UV Sensors
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