• About Us

    The flexible electronic service platform is affiliated with Shanghai Mifang electronic technology co., LTD. Mifang Technology is a high-tech enterprise focusing on electronic systems including microprocessors, screens, solar cells, etc., printed by a microelectronic printer. The company was founded in 2015 and is located in Shanghai Songjiang Science and Technology Industrial Park. Most of the existing employees are doctors and masters from famous universities. The company has complete R&D test, production and quality control equipment, and the company has applied for nearly 100 international invention patent technologies. These technologies can be widely used in the Internet of Things, wearables, additive manufacturing, photovoltaic power generation, new integrated circuits and other fields.

  • Our Technologies

    Compared with traditional silicon-based chips, integrated circuits and multifunctional electronic systems designed and manufactured based on carbon-based materials have a unique advantages in flexibility. More than flexibility, the integrated circuit chip made by Mifang on the film is less than 100 nm in thickness, which is only 1 ‰ of human hair. Moreover, Mifang has developed and greatly optimized the printed electronics manufacturing process, which can not only be easily realized customization of patterns, but also be much simpler than the silicon-manufacture process. Most importantly, Mifang has nearly 100 kinds of inks, which can integrate display, sensor, human-computer interaction, and energy, etc. on flexible substrate, and developed a flexible electronic service platform based on a lot of patented technologies.

  • Our Advantages

    ● Simple, professional, and reliable operating software for personalized and customized design.
    ● Nearly 100 kinds of electronic inks covering the fields of energy, display, logic and sensing.
    ● Multiple printing method including inkjet printing, dispensing, blade coating, screen printing, etc.
    ● Low-processing temperature less than 150℃ and without complicate vacuum equipment.

  • Patent Number
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